B. Hamilton release new single “Martin Eden Written Left-Handed in Crayon”


Prolific Rock and Roll unknowns, B. Hamilton release new single “Martin Eden Written Left-Handed in Crayon” off their latest EP Saigon Market. The opening chords of track offer a catchy beat, which instantly emulates a feeling of nostalgia.

Sultry, buttery smooth vocals paired with jazz elements transport the listener to Oakland, California around 100 years ago where the song draws inspiration from. Northern California natives are all too familiar with Jack London’s history in the region. The song draws direct inspiration from his book Martin Eden. “It’s about a vagabond sailor who wants to be a writer,” says B. Hamilton. “There’s allegories to class and socialism and blah, blah, blah, but it’s always been funny to me because it ends in failure. The idea of someone calling them selves a writer for decades, engaging in all the pageantry, finally producing something, and it being completely horrible makes me laugh”.

Whether you’re in the mood for a coffeehouse jazz vibe, or an ironic ode to Jack Lond – give Saigon Market a few good listens!

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