Indie rock band Wayfarer sing gratefulness in the face of unrelenting greed in “Eviction Spree”


Wayfarer is a band that rewards curiosity. The more that you dig into their music, the more that you find reasons to keep listening. Wayfarer’s vulnerability and introspectiveness gives them a distinct voice in their storytelling. First formed in Kitchener, Ontario in 2009, they’ve successfully toed the line between the emo of early 2000’s Saddle Creek Records and the better parts of contemporary punk music since then. 

Their song “Eviction Spree” is a snapshot of a moment in time where songwriter Kyle Krische’s family experienced what sadly so many have the last few years: losing your stable affordable housing to unrelenting greed. It’s so easy to break and to let your fury poison every aspect of your life. The stress and fear are all consuming when you’re scrambling to figure out how to continue to provide a home for the ones you love.


“Thankfully, I had an absolute rock in my wife, I had two children born at that house, I had work and I had support that would allow me to eventually land us on our feet,” explains Krische. “They were powerful forces that I could feed off of and thrive from and it was something in our earlier, relatively comfortable early years I didn’t appreciate. I owed a nod to all that and this song was the result.”

Their upcoming LP, Invincible Summer, has the recognizable DNA you’d expect by a band’s 4th album. Only this time they showcase bigger production, streamlined songwriting, and a greater ability to get to the point. 

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