Cosmorat Releases Latest Single S.A.D L.U.V


Following the release of their debut single “Backseat Baby,” London based US Cosmorat back with their latest single “S.A.D L.U.V.

Right from the song’s intro, “S.A.D. L.U.V” pulls you into its whimsical world. The song begins with a children’s playground rhyme that immediately will draw you in. The song delicately touches upon the complexities of heading into womanhood. With a blend of heartfelt lyrics and slightly melancholic vocal delivery, Cosmorat takes us through the journey of leaving behind our innocence and embarking into the unknown of adult life.

Speaking about “S.A.D. L.U.V” Taylor, singer of Cosmorat, said “Ascending into womanhood for me was quite a turbulent experience, and I still have some scars that linger from that time in my life. S.A.D. L.U.V. is meant to channel my inner child, girlhood, and rage. I remember hitting puberty and having attention from boys and men that were way too old for me, which made me embarrassed by my body. I would cover up and awkwardly laugh. Then, when  I start rejecting the inappropriate comments. I became known as hysterical and over-emotional. There was a very specific turning point for me where I felt that even when I was happy. I couldn’t experience it fully as there was always something I thought I was lacking.”

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