Seth Glier Ponders the Hidden Gems Beneath our Feet on “Mammoth”


Seth Glier is a Grammy-nominated artist who questions the repercussions of technology in regards to nature on his latest release “Mammoth”. Inspired by the discovery of a Wooly Mammoth sample preserved in ice, Glier raises the hypothetical question of what would happen if we brought their prehistoric existence back in a modern world. There’s a stirring level of homesickness for a lost, forgotten time lurking in the sonic matter of Glier’s track that breathes like a force of nature.

“Mammoth” will entrap you in an icy atmosphere of dream-like keys, haunting harmonics, and a poignant lead vocal that crashes like a wave over metamorphic beats. The track is layered with depth of ruminative echoes and subtle electronics that transport you beneath the Earth.

Revealing more on his track, Seth Glier shares, “Scientist Sergey Zimov and Nikita Zimov are picking through the ice and the melting permafrost of northern Siberia for the perfect frozen sample of a Wooly Mammoth. Their hope is to take the DNA and bring the mammoth back to the plains it once roamed. There is some merit to this idea as a climate solution. The Permafrost is one of the largest carbon reservoirs we have. In the grazing ecosystems, mammoths looking to forage in the winter trample down snow. This allows deeper freezing of the permafrost and thus protects it from degradation. I decided to write the song from the perspective of the Wooly Mammoth.”

The release of “Mammoth” celebrates the announcement of Seth Glier’s highly anticipated upcoming album entitled EVERYTHING. He has collaborated with a wide array of artists including Sophie B. Hawkins, Tom Rush, Antje Duvekot, Richard Shindell, Doctora Qingona, Dar Williams, Nick Carter, and Cyndi Lauper to name a few.

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