Jeffrey James finds someone who can lift him up on “The Real Me”


With a knack for crafting tender pop ballads that touch on deep emotions that are universally felt, singer and songwriter Jeffrey James is a light in the dark. His previous releases like “We Can Be Heroes” and “Beautiful Ones” can guide anyone out of the shadows, their words of encouragement and uplifting sounds beckoning listeners to step into brighter hues. Of course, even though Jeffrey can make such moving music, there are times when he can’t rely on his words alone. He needs someone to be there for him, to reach out to him when he needs help the most. This concept comes through on his latest single “The Real Me.”

On “The Real Me,” Jeffrey searches for that special someone to replenish his hopes and dreams when he is feeling down. Throughout the emotional indie pop ballad, he mentions that his demons keep him up at night and how he can’t seem to find the good in life. Over downhearted guitar lines, he sings, “Oh, I’m screaming out / Is anybody even listening? / I keep freaking out / Does anybody else know what I mean?” He then shifts his attention to the one person who has been by his side, observing, “You’re always trying to remind me that our dreams are worth the cost” and “And I am reminded once again you are the best thing in my life.” In the end, he knows that he has someone who will embrace and accept him through the highs and lows. You can check it out below.

About “The Real Me,” Jeffrey shares,

“‘The Real Me’ is about wanting to be heard and seen for who I truly am at my core and finding someone who does that.”

You can listen to “The Real Me” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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