Tadgh Billy King debuts a stunning new eclectic masterpiece, “Raw”


Tadgh Billy King‘s immersive artistry is a product of deep introspection, a creative journey marked by cathartic musicality that traverses post-punk, goth, noisy hardcore, and math-y punk influences. His musical palette draws inspiration from iconic artists like Bauhaus, Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, Joy Division, Nirvana, Radiohead, as well as contemporary Irish bands such as Fontaines D.C., The Murder Capital, Gilla Band, and Just Mustard. Tadgh’s sonic landscape can be both assertively brash and sublimely ethereal, and his latest musical endeavor will be unveiled through a series of singles. His new album Raw, out today, is a captivating release that will draw you in with every listen.

“Raw” is Irish indie rock artist Tadgh Billy King’s debut album. It’s an unrelenting sonic journey filled with introspection, retrospection and questionings of today’s society. It seamlessly moves between brash, thick walls of guitars and sound to ethereal moments of sweetness and calm. Tadgh is using “raw” to talk about the strangeness and extremities ever present in today’s society. Tracks like “sit and wait” or “I’ve heard this all before” give Tadgh the opportunity to air his frustrations on the state of the world his generation has been left with and a society that doesn’t take young people and their ideas on how to save it seriously enough. Tracks like “breathe out” or “the space in between” give Tadgh a different opportunity to express his thoughts on relationships and their beginnings and endings. “Raw” is a viscerally cathartic music experience and one that will leave listeners wondering what could possibly be next from this new alternative artist.

“I wrote the songs on raw over the course of some very formative years of my life. I think any person entering adulthood or moving through the 20s will find something they can relate to in them. If someone out there, even if it’s just one person, can listen to these songs and find something that can give them a feeling of hope then that’s my job done.”

Beyond his musical pursuits, Tadgh is a multifaceted artist, encompassing roles as an actor, writer, director, and composer for theater, all while being an award-winning classical singer. Previously, he was a member of the critically acclaimed Dublin classic rock power-trio, The Last Boys. Notably, Tadgh lent his rich baritone voice to the title track of “Vicky,” a film celebrating Vicky Phelan, which earned the distinction of Best Irish Documentary at the Irish Films Critics Circle Awards.

Tadgh’s deeply emotive and expressive artistry reflects his classical training and is further enriched by his studies in drama and theater. He holds a degree in drama and theater studies from Trinity College in Dublin, and he currently pursues an acting career, represented by the esteemed Irish talent agency, The Agency. His background in composing for theater lends a dramatic flair to his songwriting, with adventurous soundscapes coloring his compositions and scene-setting sensibilities enhancing his rock tracks.

Tadgh’s earliest memories are rooted in the vibrant New York City music scene, as he literally grew up above the cherished music venue, The Local 269, owned and operated by his parents. During this formative period, he absorbed the diverse sounds of rock, punk, jazz, and pop that echoed through the venue. This eclectic mix of musical influences would become a template for his own boundary-pushing musical explorations, where he would seamlessly blend the energy of bands like the Ramones, Green Day, and Nirvana with the technical finesse he gained through classical vocal and guitar training.

When Tadgh’s parents relocated to Ireland, he delved deeper into his musical and acting pursuits, embarking on a serious journey of study and performance. His first successful band, The Last Boys, enjoyed regional success with well-attended shows, coverage in buzzworthy press outlets, and radio airplay. However, as successful as it was, The Last Boys only allowed Tadgh to express a portion of his multifaceted musicality and artistic vision.

As Tadgh reflects on his latest and forthcoming musical projects, he expresses gratitude for the opportunity to create music that aligns with his unwavering beliefs. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to create music that truly resonates with me,” he says. “Thankfully, the creative flow remains unbroken.”

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