Royals sober up from a relationship on “Crazy”


Encouraging fans to escape into their own perfect world, Royals released the getaway-ready “Daydreamer” over the summer. The single belonged on any fiery summer playlist, its buoyant production and nostalgic pop punk sound convincing anyone to slip away from the drama of the real world and drift into a worry-free fantasy. If the song wasn’t enough to set the mood, then the music video was sure to do the trick, as we saw the band enjoying leisurely activities like reading, snacking, gaming, throwing beach balls around… On their new single “Crazy,” Royals take off their rose-colored glasses and face reality, bringing the fun and games to an end.

A post-summer track, “Crazy” is that go-to song for those who find that their summer romance was not meant to last. Over the edgy drum fills and catchy melodies, we hear about getting caught up in the moment and rushing into things before realizing that this new love was not right from the start. This comes through in the introspective chorus, “Thinking back to the days when we were closer / I was drunk on your love, but now I’m sober.” The breakdown at the end of the track completes this defiant Royals offering and ensures a crowd-pleasing moment at future live shows. You can check it out below.

About “Crazy,” the band explains,

“Lyrically, ‘Crazy’ addresses feelings of being blinded by love and slowly coming to the realization that it’s not what it seems. Listeners follow the journey of a relationship in which both parties know it’s not quite right, but they’re stuck in it together. As the song progresses, the lyrics question whether continuing to cause each other pain in this toxic environment is worth the heartache.”

You can listen to “Crazy” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch Royals at their upcoming shows next month here.

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