Spencer Mackey hilariously breaks up with a mannequin in his new video for “Quiet Quitting”


With two contrasting singles out in the world and a style that defies genres, Spencer Mackey is on his way to becoming a dynamic new artist that you will want in your life. Musically, the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and classically trained violinist can blend genres like baroque and pop into catchy and cinematic soundscapes as we hear on his debut single, “The Other Shoe,” and recent release “Quiet Quitting.” Lyrically, Spencer likes to search for meaning, exploring emotions, experiences, and labels in his songs that speak to who he is on a deeper level. When it all comes together, as it will in the form of his upcoming debut EP, The Wheel, we are left with songs that open us up to possibilities and make us aware of our own actions.

Recently, Spencer released his sophomore single, “Quiet Quitting,” which focuses on the notion of stringing things along. The phrase has picked up speed over the past few years, with employees feeling the strain of sticking with a job through the pandemic even if they are wanting a change, resulting in bare minimum effort. The term can also be applied to other situations, such as quiet quitting in a relationship, which is what Spencer gets to in the song. Using smooth Michael Bublé-esque vocals and a humor akin to an AJR song, Spencer crafts a modern-day pop rock gem that will get stuck in your head for days. With colorful melodies, he sings, “You’re quiet quitting on me / And boy, it’s plain to see / If you love me like you said you did / You’d suck it up and give a…” making us wish this breakup method was not a trend.

Putting a fun spin on this story in the music video, Spencer uses a mannequin to play the other party in the relationship. Representing the stiffness and lack of interest that is shown, the mannequin goes out with Spencer on dates and spends alone time with him in the apartment. It looks ridiculous, but that is the point – this is exactly how Spencer feels in this situation. But in the end, he has a clever way to solve the issue. Find out how below.

You can check out “Quiet Quitting” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Spencer Mackey: Instagram // TikTok // YouTube // Website

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