Julia Adrian unleashes the ultimate indecisive anthem with “No, I Do”


Decisions are difficult to make – at least for me. I prefer someone else to have the final word, even if it comes down to something simple. There are so many options, choices, places to go, things to do… How is one person supposed to make a decision? Others who have the same indecisive tendencies know this feeling very well and have an array of go-to responses when it comes to the tough questions – answers like “I don’t care, I don’t mind, it doesn’t matter, whatever is easiest…” Luckily, we have artists like Julia Adrian who can represent, as she does on her new single “No, I Do.”

An anthem for those who can’t decide, “No, I Do” relays the confusion and the pressure that arises when the choice between letting go or holding on occurs. Over the synth and steady club-like dance beats of the track, Julia touches on where she stands in a relationship, basing her status on what the other person decides. With sassy pop vocals that bend and dip, she sings, “I only trust those who know me / If you want more, you can show me” and asks, “Do I really want this?” It all comes to a head in the sticky chorus, “No, I do / No, I don’t / No, I do / No, I don’t / Are you sure? / I don’t know / If he will, no I won’t.” You can check it out below.

“No, I Do” follows the release of “Taxi Light,” which Julia released in June. The track built on the “Taxi Theory” that fans of Sex and the City would know. For those not in the loop, the theory is based on men’s availability, timing, and commitment in relationships – factors that determine if their “light” is turned on or off. In the track, Julia applies this theory to her own experience, highlighting the ways two people can feel very differently after a relationship ends.

You can listen to “No, I Do” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Julia Adrian: Instagram // TikTok


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