Daimy Lotus Proves That Music Can be a Form of Therapy with “OCD”


photo by Charlotte van der Gaag

Finding inspiration in artists like Gayle, Yungblud, and Fletcher, Daimy Lotus, a rising Dutch artist and songwriter, has once again proven that music can be a form of therapy with her latest release, “OCD.” Her music reflects the perfect blend of vulnerability and edginess, drawing inspiration from heartbreak, mental health, and self-growth. In a world that often shies away from discussing these important issues, Daimy stands as an advocate for making everyone feel heard and seen.

With catchy melodies and commanding vocals, “ODC”  delivers a punchy sound that leaves an indelible mark on your soul. Her music can best be described as empowering rock- and punk-influenced pop, with lyrics that cut through the noise and resonate deeply with listeners.

Daimy’s journey in music started at a young age, where she dazzled audiences with her talent in singing and dance. Her passion for music only grew, and at 18, she released her EP, 15, which featured standout tracks like “Saturday Girl” and “Cannonball.” Her talent was quickly recognized by Dutch radio station 3FM, which named her a Serious Talent, propelling her into the spotlight. Daimy went on to perform at numerous festivals and embarked on a Dutch tour that spanned 20 cities, cementing her status as a promising artist.

Daimy’s music creates a space where there’s no room for hate or judgment, where everyone can embrace their authentic selves. With “OCD,” Daimy Lotus continues to use her music as a powerful platform to address mental health and promote self-acceptance. “OCD” is an anthem that encourages us all to be unapologetically ourselves, and in doing so, it resonates deeply with anyone who listens.

Listen to “OCD” on Spotify now.

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