Kadeli’s New Track “FOCUS” Highlights His Individualized Experience With Depression


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YouTuber-turned-artist Kadeli is back with new single, “FOCUS.” The track, which highlights his struggles with maintaining his mental health as the stresses of life bare down on him, is a solid mix of electronic and alternative. The, no pun intended, focus line of the track is, “I can’t… focus… on my shit.” In several instances, the line is delivered with soft, wiry electronics behind him, as if to display his mind quietly running through multitudes of emotions and feelings. In other instances, the dubstep-like production is almost overpowering in the mix, with a bass threatening to crash through the listening device. It’s as if, within moments, his emotions can cause him to transport from a calm to explosive demeanor.

Lyrically, the track explores two avenues. The first are contemplative thoughts on his own behavior and emotions, as he tries to understand what he is feeling: “So tell me why am I pulled in every single direction? Tell me how do you know all of the thoughts I’ve been stressing. Is this real or depression?”

The other is aimed directly at an individual who does not seem to grasp his inability to control the ups and downs of his condition: “Go ahead and tell me that you hate the way I focus on myself and not you every day. Like lately I’ve been caught up in my own head… lately you’ve been caught up on your own bed.”

Whether it’s the war within himself or the push and pull of another people who refuses to give him grace, Kadeli is adamant that he is at his whit’s end: “Cause I can’t… focus… on my shit.” In an Instagram post, Kadeli elaborated on the subject: “This song is about my struggle with burnout, my struggle to make myself happy. The lyrics aren’t about how depression isn’t real, it’s about how the battle with depression feels like an alternate reality… how I ignored the depressive thoughts on put on a face to keep going.”

In an Instagram post featuring a snippet of the track, Kadeli stares blankly into the camera as he mouths along to the lyrics while lightly stroking his cat. This action, like with most instances of a home pet, likely causes a sense of, at least, momentary relief for Kadeli.

The crunchy, distorted bedroom alt-pop vibes of the tune will appeal to fans of artists like Brakence, EDEN, and joji, while also appealing to fans of and atmospheres featuring electronic dance/rave music.

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