evvvie Releases Debut Track “Out of My Head”


For the past 5 years, evvvie has been working in the music industry as a photographer and has been able to collaborate with numerous talented artists behind-the-scenes and observe the creative process of music production. Following evvvie’s first tour experience with Luna Li in the fall of 2021, she found herself inspired to learn to play the guitar. Once the basic grasp of guitar was learned, songwriting was next. 

Kicking off with a soft, delicate guitar chords and evvvie’s velvety vocals, “Out of My Head” is the perfect song for a summer stroll with the windows down and radio blaring. The gentle percussion on the track complement the acoustic guitar beautifully. 

The track doesn’t center around any specific individual, but instead the anxiety and frustration following a recent breakup. It explores the incessant thoughts about the ex-partner, including what they are currently up to, reminiscing about shared experiences, and the anticipation of encountering them again, despite the desire to move on.

“Out of My Head” is the kind of song that wanted to write itself. We paused working on the other song to record OMH, and the track came together in a day.

“Out of My Head” has recently earned a spot on the “Fresh Finds Indie” playlist on Spotify  and more than 10,000 streams!

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