Serena Laurel Releases Vibrant New Track, “IDC (Feat. Brian Sour)


Serena Laurel, musician, actress, and fashion icon, has released a new track “IDC (Feat. Brian Sour),” a vibrant fusion of contemporary indie pop and subtle jazz influences. Encompassing a dreamy pop/Americana blend, infused with cleverly crafted lyrics that create an eclectic and enchanting experience, Laurel often likens her music to “a Sunday afternoon cruise with the top down.”

“IDC” is a product of her collaboration with the talented Artist/Producer Brian Sour. What’s remarkable is that this piece was written and produced within a single day, showcasing duo’s chemistry and dedication. At its core, “IDC” serves as a cathartic response to the toxic clout-chasing culture that has cast a shadow over certain corners of the entertainment industry. Serena and Brian channel their frustration and irritation into the song, using their creativity to convey their emotions and thoughts.

“IDC” is a powerful anthem against the superficiality and shallowness that sometimes spread through the entertainment industry. Serena’s words cut through the noise, expressing her refusal to be swayed by the allure of empty popularity and insincere personas. The track becomes a declaration of authenticity, a rallying cry for artists and individuals to embrace their true selves, and not succumb to the pressures of conforming to trends or seeking attention for the wrong reasons.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Serena Laurel serves as a celebrity artist ambassador for Through this role, she mentors and inspires by advocating for mental health awareness through live music events, encouraging fellow artists to share their personal journeys.

Stream “IDC” on Spotify or Apple Music, now.

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