Owen Tressider Fuses Indie-rock, Post-punk, and Surf Elements on “Are You For Real?”


Brooklyn’s very own, Owen Tressider, effortlessly fuses indie-rock, post-punk, and surf elements, on his newest release “Are You For Real?” Tressider’s musical journey began at a young age, tinkering with GarageBand and gradually maturing into the accomplished artist we see today.

With “Are You For Real?”, Tressider showcases his growth and evolution since his debut release Blue Hair Girls, an intimate compilation that oozes lo-fi, surf-inspired garage rock. Drawing inspiration from his eclectic influences, “Are You For Real?” stands as a harmonious blend of genres that are brought together with an infectious charm.

In the track, Tressider is addressing someone who is attractive and captivating, symbolized by the image of a person in six-inch heels, akin to the allure of an orange that they want to “peel” into. Despite the attraction, there’s a sense of temporariness and transience in their interactions. “You’re just another heart to steal, Just a pretty fish to reel” reinforce the idea that the subject of the song is skilled at capturing and captivating the affections of others, but it’s done in a fleeting and potentially insincere manner. This creates a cycle of emotional investment and disappointment, as emphasized by the recurring lines “Oh, but the boys, they fall too fast, And love don’t ever last” and “And the girls, they fall so fast, And the boys, they never last.”

From Tressider’s early experiments to his current artistic endeavors, ”Are You For Real?” stands as an evolution that invites listeners to witness the captivating synergy of indie-rock, post-punk, and surf influences. 

Listen to “Are You For Real?” on Spotify or Apple Music.

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