Ocean Child’s emotions are in disguise in “Camouflage”


Credit: Reese Craig

Chicago based alt-rock band Ocean Child just released their latest single, “Camouflage”. After a viral feature by TikTok’s tastemaker TheBun91.3, the band looks to reinvent themselves with a fresh and new sound.

“Camouflage” is highly energetic blend of genres, ranging from indie, new wave and alternative rock, with a little bit of a surfer vibe thrown in the mix. These distinct influences blend in seamlessly, creating an intricate sound that’s both carefree and sophisticated. With an infectious groove and vertiginous pace, the track wraps up with a wild and unhinged instrumental outro that showcases the band’s inspired new sound.

With witty lyrics and eccentric vocals, “Camouflage” is anything but a straight forward love song; the incessant wordplay keeps the listener on their toes. The track feels like a random conversation at times, but we get to see its true intentions as we reach the chorus. In a way, the song itself is a disguise for the singer’s true feelings, yet it can easily morph into whatever the listener is experiencing. It’s incredibly catchy and easy to sing along to.

Check out “Camouflage” below:

“Camouflage” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Keep up with Ocean Child: Instagram // Facebook // TikTok


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