Meredith Rounsley takes us on a trip with “Something New”


Meredith Rounsley, Nashville based folk-pop artist, has just released a new single called
Something New.” This is the second single off her forthcoming EP. She has spent a large portion of her career playing in restaurants, music clubs, and bars all around Nashville.

Rounsley takes inspiration from other prominent female folk-pop and indie-pop artists like Feist and Madison Cunningham. The narrator in the song is bored of their mundane life and is desperate to experience all that life has to offer. In the beginning of the song, she sings, “I took mushrooms in Meredith’s airy vocals accompanied by more intense sounding guitar strums, making the duality of sound work very well. Meredith sings about how relying on substances should not be the only way that can elicit joy out of one’s life. She feels hopeless that she cannot find other outlets to express her joy. Rounsley uses fun wordplay in the bridge saying “I’ll bet I look cool with my lit cigarette/Get what I want and I want what I get.”

Essentially, Rounsley is saying her substance abuse makes her look cool, even at the cost of her health. Rounsley expresses how she sees her life in a haze through the lines “It’s all glitter and sequins.” She talks about how intaking substances makes her see colors and her life sober is only black and white. She feels trapped in this endless cycle of substance usage. Rounsley feels if she puts herself out there in the world and tries to meet new people, she can curb her substance usage and have fun sober.

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