Night Drive illustrates apocalyptic doom in “Cover Your Eyes”


Credit: Robert MacCready

Austin based dark pop group Night Drive unleashed the apocalyptic single “Cover Your Eyes”, as part of their recently released EP “Positions II”.

“Cover Your Eyes” is a multifaceted techno track; it has a catchy dance beat that’s intertwined with an ominous synth sound, adding to the sense of dread and urgency in the lyrics. Despite having a strong goth and new wave influence, it is a fresh take on the classics, with its industrial elements and moody vocals. The atmosphere Night Drive creates is enticing, yet deeply unsettling.

As we start to pay attention to the lyrics, we’re immediately greeted with the beginning of the apocalypse; it is cinematic and beautifully terrifying. “Cover Your Eyes” describes doomsday as a fast approaching threat that is just as physical as it is psychological, inevitably crashing down on us. The listener is not passive though, as there’s a sense of resistance towards the end, walking through a dystopian reality.

Check out the music video for “Cover Your Eyes” below:


“Cover Your Eyes” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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