Jessie DeFranco lets out “Inner Demons” on new track


Newcomer and Chicago based R&B and pop artist, Jessie DeFranco, has released “Inner Demons,” a haunting track about battling personal demons.

The track opens with hauntingly delicate chords, immediately drawing listeners in. Jessie’s soulful voice begins to unravel a story of inner turmoil, deteriorating relationships, and battles with personal demons. As the song progresses, subtle layers of strings and gentle percussion are introduced, while lyrically the track expresses a sense of disconnect and disillusionment with another person. 

Throughout the song, the chorus emphasizes the phrase “that’s not you,” suggesting that the person DeFranco once knew has changed. Despite this, she still sees and understands the struggles they’re going through, even when others may not. 

It is clear that DeFranco lays her bare soul on this track, sharing her personal and vulnerable struggles without holding back. This level of openness and honesty is refreshing in an industry that often prioritizes superficiality over substance. 

Stream “Inner Demons” on Spotify or Apple Music, now.

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