Julia Calvin Unboxes Identity and Love in New Track “Boxes”


“Boxes” by Julia Calvin is a song written by the artist herself based on her personal life. The song is a reflection of her experiences growing up and how they have shaped her identity and love life. The lyrics delve into themes of moving, feeling detached, and not wanting to be confined by societal expectations or put into boxes. This new song is part of her debut EP, also titled “Boxes” which comprises six songs.

Having been born in El Salvador to a Costa Rican father and an American mother, she spent her childhood in Costa Rica, did high school in Tanzania, moved to Miami for school, and is now residing in LA. This diverse upbringing has shaped her identity and made her wary of being confined to societal expectations or “boxes.”

In the song, Julia expresses her distaste for the idea of being categorized or put into boxes due to her experiences of frequently moving and leaving people behind. She sings about the familiar feeling of starting over in different places but still being hesitant to commit to a person due to the fear of losing them in another move.

The chorus emphasizes the push-and-pull dynamic of her relationships and her detachment but also acknowledges the caring and support she receives from the other person, even though it’s not their responsibility to do so. The lyrics showcase a blend of vulnerability and self-awareness as she reflects on her emotional struggles and the challenges of forming deep connections with others.

Throughout the song, Julia highlights her tendency to be cynical and untrusting of others, while also acknowledging her own flaws and the difficulty of being true to herself in the face of societal pressures. Despite these complexities, she appreciates the care and understanding shown by her partner, even when she pushes them away.

The song’s emotional depth and honest portrayal of Julia’s personal journey make “Boxes” a relatable and touching piece for listeners who may also grapple with issues of identity, vulnerability, and connection in their own lives.

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