Nette’s new track “I Need An Adult” is perfect anthem for those in their 20s


After her debut single “Feelings” last year and her first single of 2023 “Karma,” Nette‘s latest single, “I Need an Adult,” is a sleek and modern pop anthem crafted for those in their 20s who feel like they’ve strayed from the path of adulthood. With a blend of sleek modern pop and indie influences, Nette’s vocals float gracefully over warm synths as the rhythm section falls away, adding a delicate touch to the track. 

The track seamlessly blends electric guitar with catchy melodies and glossy electro-pop elements, while allowing Nette’s vulnerable lyrics to shine. The emotional core of the song gradually unfolds, beginning with disarmingly humorous lines that maintain a sense of levity despite the underlying sorrowful confessions. Nette playfully admits, “I’ve been calling my mom like seven days a week. Now I think she’s ghosting me.” 

Throughout the song, Nette artfully navigates between feelings of fatigue and the potential for emotional implosion. She candidly shares her experiences and insecurities, finding comfort that others can relate to her struggles. The track serves as a much-needed vent with a close friend.

If you find yourself resonating with the sentiment of relatability to those who may grapple with the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy with adulthood, this track is for you.

Stream “I Need An Adult” below:

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