Saint Ahmad and Lolita Leopard tear up the New York club scene with “LGC”



Saint Ahmad is singlehandedly transforming the New York club scene with his future-minded beats and let loose lyricism. His latest single, “LGC”, is a track you should have your eyes on with an infectious dance circuit to pair. Saint Ahmad brings in the all powerful pop princess Lolita Leopard on this track for a collaboration that will send you into body-rocking mania. 

“LGC” stands for “let’s get crazy” and the music video captures Saint Ahmad and Lolita Leopard doing just that. Over a hyper cascade of rhythmics, tense beats that snap like a rubber band, and a feverish flurry of vocals, Lolita Leopard and Saint Ahmad ignite the screen with an earth-shaking array of movement. Saint Ahmad sings “I wanna dance all night, wanna move my body, wanna slip and slide.” The lyrics at the forefront of “LGC” demand attention and transcend any circumstance with a jarring surplus of adrenaline. 

The chemistry between these two artists is as instantaneous as a chemical reaction itself. A quintessential New York club duo from the moment the two hit the mic, Lolita Leopard and Saint Ahmad have struck gold with “LGC”. Check out the colorful craze below. 


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