Chris Meyer latest single “Favorite Songs” will be stuck in your head for days


Stockholm-based multi-platinum songwriter and producer, Chris Meyer, has released his latest single “Favorite Songs.” With Melodies that will be stuck in your head for days and melancholy lyrics wrapped up in otherworldly synths and uplifting drums, the song has a dreamy vibe that will make sure this is your new favorite song.

Chris Meyer is known for his chart topping songs for the K-pop genre, where he’s produced songs for groups like NCT Dream, Girls Generation, and SHINee. With over 15 million sold albums as a producer for other artists, Chris decided to turn the page and step into the spotlight with his solo-project.

“The fact that I do everything from writing the song, to producing and recording all the instruments and sing – gives me 100% creative freedom to to exactly what I feel like. I wanted to make a song that kinda sounded happy, but still had sad lyrics.“ Meyer said  “A song you can both cry to, and drive down an open highway with the windows rolled down on a summer night – and that’s exactly what this song is to me”

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