Chace closes himself off from love on “Don’t Get My Hopes Up”


Heralded by the likes of Vogue, GQ, and Billboard, Chace is a true artist on the rise. The Asian artist is a multi-hyphenate with talents in producing, singing, and songwriting, combining his skills to create fascinating music for his generation. Over the years, he has made waves with his sleek electronic tracks, singles like “Us” and “Neon Lights” constantly being streamed by the masses. Switching gears a little, Chace is releasing “Don’t Get My Hopes Up,” which trades in his EDM sound for one that is more in the realm of R&B, trap, and dance.

On “Don’t Get My Hopes Up,” Chace introduces his fans to a more sophisticated sound. His sleek electronic stylings can be heard throughout, but he also infuses elements of other genres to create a more dynamic and heartfelt tune. Over the pulsating beats, he sings about closing himself off from love. He reveals, “I’m so tired of all these fires / You light ‘em and you leave me in smoke / So frustrated, yeah, I can’t make it / You got me at the edge of my rope,” before expressing, “Keep your heart shut / Don’t get my hopes up.”

In the video below, which was directed by Chace himself, we watch this story come to life. Chace has expertly inserted playful graphics and additional text that enhance the lyrics, making sure the message of the track is fully felt. Additionally, we get creative shots of the artist in action, where he is in profile or viewed through a door’s peephole. Overall, the dramatic black and white effect throughout gives it an edge that matches the song’s vibe and Chace’s aesthetic, making it a fascinating work of art.

You can listen to “Don’t Get My Hopes Up” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Chace: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube


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