The WooHoo release groovy new single “Lady”


The WooHoo comes out with their latest single “Lady” which was curated in Bordeaux with the remarkable producer Mark Dumail. The WooHoo is based in Switzerland and consists of Valerie Martinez and Zep.

“Lady” starts out with a mellow guitar that catches your attention immediately, Martinez’s voice slides in with a sound that’s sultry and warm. The song progresses with a light drum rhythm as the song gets more of an upbeat feel to it. The track has similarities to Liz Phair’s style of music. 

Martinez began her career very early, inspired by some of music’s greatest Whitney Houston or Prince. Zep learns guitar at 12 years old. For years, each of them follow their own solo-music paths without ever meeting each other.

Throughout the years, their projects kept increasing in number. They finally met in 2020 during the pandemic and have sincce written tons of other songs and even changed the name of the band: Martinez & Zep becomes The Woohoo.


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