Newcomer on the block, Sekou, sets the stage of his new EP with “Forgiving Myself”


London based, 18-year old, Sekou, a rising force in the music industry with more than 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, has released his new EP Out Of Mind. With the ability to blend genres such as jazz and R&B with pop infusions, Sekou is a new comer on the block worth keeping both eyes on.

His first ever released track “Better Man,” has made a significant impact with more than 1 million streams on Spotify since it’s release in May. Sekou’s talent and potential have been recognized by both his local audience and the industry at large, propelling him to secure a deal with one of the biggest record labels.

Forgiving Myself” sets the stage for the EP with Sekou’s smooth vocals with a mix between James Arthur and something you’d hear from Sam Smith’s debut album. The production of the song, helmed by a talented team including Yakob, Sounwave, and Cirkut is seamless. The layers of instrumentation blend seamlessly together, with each element adding depth and texture to the overall sound. The  rhythmic 

“I wanted to have creative freedom on this [EP] and do something different from what I’ve done before. I loved having control over the kind of sound I wanted to make, the people I wanted to work with, and the tracks on the project – it was freeing and allowed me to be honest. I’m excited for people to listen to this EP and understand me more as an artist. While ‘Better Man’ showcased my vocal ability, this project shows my range, and what I’m truly capable of.”

Despite his young age, Sekou is making waves with his R&B sound and has positioned himself as an exciting newcomer in the music scene. His debut EP serves as a strong introduction to his artistry, and fans can expect more great things from this promising artist in the future.

Stream “Forgiving Myself” or Out Of Mind on Spotify now.

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