Mannequin Online’s Chemistry Shines Through on “Talking About”


The married duo known as Mannequin Online (Zach DeGaetano and Bridget Boltz), combine infectious beats and catchy melodies in their latest release, “Talking About,” an upcoming track from their second EP, BOOM, scheduled for release on September 8. The EP, which was written and recoded in their home studio, will also include “Tempo” another infectious track that is ready for the dancefloor.

“Talking About” not only establishes a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, but gets listeners moving, perfectly capturing the song’s underlying theme of newfound attraction.

Noting the meaning behind “Talking About,” Zach explains, “It brings back memories of that meet cute moment of meeting that someone. The feelings of butterflies and developing feelings in an instant moment and all that is on your mind is ‘do they like me too?’ It is about that feeling when you’re cheesed to meet someone new and you think they may feel the same way, feelings develop so you take a chance and just get straight to the point: ‘I like you, and I think you like me too’.”


The track is undeniably catchy, with a memorable hook that will have listeners singing along in no time. “You know what I’m talkin’ bout  // You didn’t know you will know now”. There is an effortless level of combining of elements of modern pop with a nod to classic dance influences, which results in a refreshing and contemporary sound.

The chemistry as a duo shines through on “Talking About,” which allows the song to elevate to greater heights and helps to establish Mannequin Online’s position in the contemporary pop realm, making “Talking About” a must-listen for anyone seeking an invigorating musical experience.

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