Estella Dawn Sings for Love and Longing in Her New Single, “Didn’t Occur to You”


Estella Dawn brings us a new heartbreak anthem and its addictive pop rhythm will have you dancing even if you’re crying. She tells a raw story of love and longing in her melodic lyrics that leave you feeling seen – and heard, as you inevitably scream-sing this song.

At the closing of a tumultuous relationship, we’re often left to make sense of two realities: the old one, marked by shared love and assurances, and the new one, void of those promises and at odds with what we thought we knew. In grappling with conflicting truths, it feels as though everything would be easier if we could have what we once knew validated by the one we shared it with. Dawn puts a voice to this desperation when she muses “Cuz maybe you don’t remember it like I do / Do you remember, remember?” She continues this effort of blending the past and present in the song’s lower toned verses.

In reminiscing on the love she felt, Dawn plays with visions of a homecoming, that one model of car that seems to pop up everywhere (for her it’s white Tacomas), and water through her hair, connecting them to the love shared in the relationship. This liveliness is contrasted by its end with the line, “Marked me like a bloodstain”. Dawn lingers in the wounds of a lost love as she builds into the chorus: “I bit it didn’t occur to you / That I still sit here wondering / Didn’t occur to you / That I still reach out for what might been”. She pushes into that indulgent meditation on whether someone you love might be considering anything you’re thinking or feeling, even though that love is gone.  

This letter of open reflection has the making of a pop hit, while subtly maintaining the longer-form threads of hip hop and singer-songwriter realm influences. “Call it wishful or laughable,” but I think we’ll be wistfully listening to this song on the darkest days and brightest nights of summer.

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