Fran Roz Delivers Your New Summer Jam with “Summer Sunshine”


Known for his hip-hop and emo stylings, Fran Roz definitely grabs your attention when it comes to alternative music. The LA-based artist has been releasing fresh and dynamic tracks over the years, captivating audiences and building towards an exciting and everlasting career. Along the way, he has made friends in the scene, selling out the House of Blues in Anaheim with Point North, Jeris Johnson, and JordyPurp and delivering singles with them too. Recently, he joined Ryan Oakes, Layto, and True North for a show in Los Angeles, setting him up for an amazing summer –one that is full of friends, great music, and plenty of sunshine.

Co-produced with Nick Cozine and Jayden Seeley, “Summer Sunshine” is sure to be your new summer jam. It is a mesmeric blend of skittering beats and warm guitar, their fusion enhancing the pop and rap elements of the verses. Throughout the track, Fran gushes about a summer love, wanting to “give her everything.” He sings, “California in her eyes / Body crazy by design / Swear that I’ll never tell a lie / Got that summer sunshine,” completely covered in her rays of light. You can check it out below.

With “Summer Sunshine,” Fran continues his roll out of new music for 2023. Earlier this year, he released “FALL IN TWO” and “FRIENDS LIKE ME,” continuing what he started in 2022. That year, he dropped breakthrough singles “BODY BAG (ft. Point North)” and “IN MY HEAD (ft. JordyPurp),” which are now fan favorites. As we wait for more, you can listen to “Summer Sunshine” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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