Robi Mitch Writes a Love Letter to the Stranger with “Talk to Strangers”


When we’re open what’s possible, the world is abundant with connections. We just have to join the conversation. In his new song “Talk to Strangers,” Robi Mitch celebrates being with people, particularly in urban rooted opportunities of “barber shops” and “discos”. The appreciation aptly follows up his EPs Dreamer and Loser, which deal with what it’s like navigating life post 2020. Mirroring the rousing feeling of being back into shared spaces, the track bursts to life with a bright and flavorful melody blended with the sounds of the analogue synth, played by Liam O Byrne. The indie rock verses call out the places we can be in with strangers, and the opportunity we have to connect with them when we seize the choice to talk. In making the move to talk to someone new, you and the person you are meeting are unattached and unencumbered by expectations of who you both are and ought to be.

Mitch meets us later in the song with that familiar feeling of being graciously overwhelmed, with the lyrics: “There’s too many people but I want to see them all / There is too much music but I want to hear it all”. His time in Taiwan as a session musician encountering indie bands (such as Sunset Rollercoaster and Green Eyes) was an enduring influence on this track. This inspiration is heard throughout in the slightly tropical grooves and early synth sound.

In a funky, soulful chorus, Mitch revels in the realization of how perceiving connection everywhere helps us feel not alone anywhere: “I won’t be lonely tonight / not with you by my side.” To the you listening, Mitch talks to all of us, playing homage to the interactions he has had with some listeners, and could have with others – others that become less of a stranger by the minute as they connect with his music. The track invites you to fantasize friendships with the people you pass by on busy streets and night clubs – and maybe even make them. It is no coincidence that, by the end of the song, the “strangers” Mitch references sounds more like friends. 

His EP of the same name releases on June 8 via Featherweight Tapes on streaming platforms such as Apple and Spotify.

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