Me Nd Adam are Simply “Runnin’ on Fumes” on Latest Single


Starting out as a couple of “trash-wave trailblazers,” electro-americana duo Me Nd Adam were unaware of just how influential their music would become. After their debut single, “Heartbreak Kid,” was released in 2020, all hell broke loose. The single racked up over 2 million streams on Spotify and SoundCloud, which led to a signing with Handwritten Records. That November, Me Nd Adam dropped their debut album, American Drip, Pt. I, bringing on much acclaim from Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, American Songwriter, and other distinguished publications. Along with all the notoriety, Me Nd Adam saw support from The Killers, whose fanbase took the group after the American rock icons supported “The More I Grow Up” on social media. From there, Me Nd Adam joined The Killers on their arena tour, playing supporting slots at their shows.

After starting 2023 on a high from supporting The Killers at their New Year’s Eve show in Las Vegas, Me Nd Adam have continued to trailblaze. They released “Hazy” in February, before hitting the road and performing the track live in front of their fans. Wasting no time, they announced their ‘Texas To Infinity Tour, Pt. II,’ playing 23 shows in 29 days. This was their largest national tour yet, which would be a means to slow down and take a breather. But Me Nd Adam are ready for more. They will drop American Drip, Pt. II in July, the follow-up to their debut album that will contain previous single “Heartbeat of My Soul,” and their latest, “Runnin’ on Fumes.”

It seems as if Me Nd Adam are simply “Runnin’ on Fumes” at this point, but it’s all good. The track has a classic emo rock feel, the 90s-inspired guitars and anthemic melodies strongly conveying all the angst and tension. The lyrics touch on what it is like to chase after the dream of touring the world and making music, painting a scene of beautiful chaos. We hear, “Been runnin’ on fumes in my head / Fuck it, I’ll sleep when I’m dead / The highs and lows will come and go / If this ain’t living, what is?” and “This is my life / This ain’t a phase / Love is a knife / With blood on the blade / I’m fallin’ apart / Remember my name,” Me Nd Adam getting their point across. You can check it out below.

American Drip, Pt. II drops this July. For now, you can listen to “Runnin’ on Fumes” and “Heartbeat of My Soul” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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