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Credit: Sophia Matinazad

When you listen to a song by alt-pop artist Love You Later, it is almost impossible not to listen to it again and again and again. After making her debut in 2017, Love You Later, otherwise known as Lexi Aviles, has crafted an addictive sound that consists of soaring melodies, captivating rhythms, and lush vocals that make for memorable productions. Her music has a combined total of 8 million streams, which makes it no surprise that she has been able to sell out Nashville’s iconic EXIT/IN or find support through notable outlets like MTV, Spotify, and UPROXX. With the release of her From The Window Seat EP, Love You Later’s popularity can only go up from here, as this new collection of songs is her strongest work to date. We were able to chat with Lexi about the new project, finding out more about her writing process, the tracks that listeners will love, and what it really means to be sat in the window seat.

Hey Lexi! Thank you so much for taking the time out for this. You just released From the Window Seat, which is very exciting! I read that the songs are all supposed to represent a thought or a feeling you have experienced from a window seat of some type. What is it about being in “the window seat” that prompts these emotions?
Hi! Thanks so much for having me, and thank you for those kind words! In the recent years of my adult life, I’ve had a lot of out-of-body experiences where I feel like I’m watching my life pass by, and through those experiences, I’ve learned a lot and felt many different emotions. Something about looking out the window in a moving plane, car, or train feels nostalgic and healing.

Do you also do most of your songwriting in the window seat?
Not necessarily, but I do love being by a window where I can feel the sun on my skin and get the fresh air and natural light – that always generates creativity, and after writing in a room for four to six hours a day, I can feel pretty stir crazy, haha!

The title of the EP is pulled from a lyric on “Girl With Headphones” – was this the first track you wrote for the project?
It wasn’t the first track I wrote for the EP, but it did inspire the entire project. I was kind of aimlessly writing songs for the past year, and once I wrote “Girl With Headphones,” I realized I had more to say under this umbrella of thoughts. The first song written off the EP was actually “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?,” which I wrote with Garrison Burgess (The Band CAMINO) and Reagan Renfrow back in late 2021.

Credit: Sophia Matinazad

Speaking of headphones, do you have a go-to pair?
I can’t lie, I love my AirPods because they’re just so easy, and I love the fact that they’re handsfree. But whenever I’m at home recording vocals or messing around with demos, I use a pair of Audio Technica headphones which have treated me very well!

I love how catchy all of your songs sound, but which would you say is the catchiest track on the EP?
Thank you so much! I think “Girl With Headphones” or “Keepintouch” are the two catchiest tunes off the EP.

Every aspect of your songs are always so on point as well, from the hooks to the melodies to the lyrics. There is a clear vibe from each track, so in general, are you someone who gravitates more towards the way a song sounds or the way it makes you feel? Or both?

For me, I gravitate towards both. I want every aspect of the song to feel intentional. Even if it’s not right on the nose, I want it to feel important and meaningful.

Does the writing process for these songs make the thoughts and emotions you express in them more intense, or is the weight of these feelings released once the song is made?
It was really such a cathartic experience writing these songs – every writing session felt like one long therapy session. I can’t say I’ve fully moved on from these feelings, but writing songs about them sure helps.

Credit: Sophia Matinazad

Which track on the EP is your personal favorite?
My favorite song on the EP is “Girl With Headphones.” I think that one song really encapsulates every feeling I want to portray across the EP.

Which track do you think will resonate with people the most?
I think “Someday, Today Will Be Long Ago” will translate really well to listeners because the song is about a very universal feeling. It’s so easy to forget that in the big picture, our problems are often so small.

What can you tell us about your upcoming shows in Nashville, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles?
Yes! All three of these shows are happening in May and June. I’ll be playing the entire EP, plus a bunch of other songs. I have some incredible opening acts in each city, brand new merch for sale, a Shure headphones giveaway, and lots more, so don’t miss it if you’re in one of these cities!

Thank you again for your time. Do you have any final thoughts or comments?
Thank you so much for having me, I had a blast 🙂

Credit: Sophia Matinazad

Pick up tickets for Love You Later’s upcoming shows here.

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