Atlanta Shimmers With Love As Taylor Swift Commands The Stage – Concert Recap


It’s officially Taylanta season as Taylor Swift brings the Era’s Tour to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for three back-to-back sold-out shows with over 60,000 attendees. 

The Era’s Tour is proving to be the tour of the year! With its massive 44-song setlist, spanning over three-plus hours, Tayor Swift takes her fans through her 17-year-old journey. The night commenced with the Lover Era as Taylor ascended mid-stage to “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”, her dancers filled the stage with beautiful tapestries that resembled clouds made of soft pink, orange, and purple hues. Quickly transitioning into a fan favorite, “Cruel Summer,” the stadium roared as fans cheered and shouted out the lyrics as Taylor commanded the stage. Constantly interacting with the crowd by waving and smiling, the loudness that was experienced set the tone for the rest of the night.

From being stunned to filled with excitement, Swift was constantly reacting to the outpour of love from the crowd. Despite being such a massive Pop star, Taylor felt very genuine and humble as the night progressed. Despite the Atlanta show being so massive, Taylor effectively made the night feel very intimate. How? Who knows, magic? Taylor constantly expressed her love to the crowd, the way she would look into the camera, and how she talk to the crowd as if they were sitting in her living room, it was almost like Taylor was talking to each audience member exclusively.

As the concert progressed and reached the Evermore Era, Taylor took the time to tell the crowd how amazing they were and began to perform “Champagne Problems.” Creating a very memorable moment, the arena lit up as fans waived their cellphones, shining their lights on Taylor. As the song ended, Taylor couldn’t help but shout “SEE WHAT I MEAN!?!” revealing how amazed she was by the fact that the audience acted on their own accord. Throughout the night, the set would speed up and slow down, but the excitement stayed at 100 percent. During her most uptempo movements, dancers would fill the stage as Taylor would partake in choreography, constantly fueling the crowd to go wild. Another key moment of the night was when Taylor took on the massive stage by herself during her Reputation Era when performing “Delicate.” As the song started slow, Taylor walked down the stage, and right before its build-up, the crowd in unison chanted ” 1, 2, 3, Let’s Go B***h!” as Taylor cat walked all over the stage. Being the most simple set of the night, Taylor’s true star power was observed as fans still cheered and sang along as a solo Taylor showed her true power all over the enormous stage.

It’s clear why The Era’s Tour instantly sold out when it went on sale. With each new era that passes, Taylor just grows stronger and stronger. It’s obvious that Taylor was made for the stage, and very obvious that the general public is absolutely obsessed with Taylor. Night one in Atlanta was filled with such passion, excitement, and love. It’s crazy to think what nights two and three may have in store for her fans. If you were able to snag a ticket to The Era’s tour, consider yourself lucky for Taylor is going to perform one of the best Stadium shows that has ever existed.

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