Lowswimmer offers distinct orchestral intimacy in “Can’t Be By Myself”



A delicate and candid glimpse into Lowswimmer’s (Novo Amor, Squirrel Flower) debut solo project is “Can’t Be By Myself,” a piano-driven single, painted with wonderful soft complexity. The subtle clicking of keys layered with Ed Tullett’s (of Lowswimmer) breathy falsetto and Squirrel Flower’s gentle harmonies blend to make a mesmerizing track that begs to be played over and over past the first listen.

Tullett achieves a sound that is both glowing and orchestral, singing of loneliness from a perspective of acceptance and growth. Lowswimmer plays with this concept of opposition, not only lyrically, but sonically, as he ends the song by pairing swelling trumpets with fading instrumentation. 

Over the past decade, Tullett has taken on the role of primary songwriter, producer, and contributor on numerous records and projects working with artists such as Novo Amor and Hailaker. “Can’t Be By Myself” is the second single off of Tullett’s upcoming album, Red-Eye Effect, which features many of his long-time collaborators: S. Carey, Ali Lacey of Novo Amor, Ella Williams of Squirrel Flower, and Jemima Coulter of Hailaker. 

Take a listen to “Cant Be By Myself” below or stream it on your favorite platform.

Red-Eye Effect expands upon the sentiment evoked in “Can’t Be By Myself,” exploring themes of vulnerability, self-discovery, accepting change, and moving forward. The record is out on May 19. 

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