Dasha releases suspenseful video for “Make A Scene”


Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Dasha released her debut album, Dirty Blonde. The album is a mix of genres, ranging from folk to pop to rock. It is also a culmination of opposites, such as lightness and darkness, love and heartbreak, strength and weakness. When working on the project, one track stood out to Dasha the most, “Make A Scene.” After listening to a rough cut and feeling it out, she knew this song was going to be the core of the album. It perfectly embodied the themes of the album, the notion of “making a scene” with somebody representing conflict, drama, and spontaneity. Enhancing these ideas even further, Dasha gives us its music video.

In the video for “Make A Scene,” Dasha begrudgingly performs karaoke in front of her pushy friends and one innocent guy at the bar. He shows an interest in her, watching her from afar as he sips his drink. Meanwhile, Dasha returns his gaze, establishing some type of connection. In between all this tension, scenes of the two spending time together and building a relationship are shown, prompting us to wonder if this is what the future holds for them. You can find out how it all ends below.

About the video, Dasha shares,

“‘Make A Scene’ is lyrically sugar-coated in metaphors of the Golden Age of Hollywood, but it’s not difficult to tell what the song is actually talking about, and for that, I love this song so much. Sonically, it sounds just like the album visually looks. My number one goal for the music video was to shock people. I knew I wanted to use unbroken sexual tension as the main driver for the storyline because that feeling, which all of us have felt, is the most addictive thing I’ve probably ever experienced. While pulling together references and ideas for the video, I made sure to emphasize that I never want the tension to be broken throughout the video – that’s why the plot twist ending is so perfect. I still wanted the video to feel very classy and very me but still pushing edgy and raunchy. Talia Steward (director) made my vision come to life so perfectly – she really is a force to be reckoned with.”

You can check out Dasha’s debut album, Dirty Blonde, on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Dasha: Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // TikTok // Linktree


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