Dayna Reid releases inspirational video for “She’s Me”


In 2020, Dayna Reid began working on songs like “Long Way Home” and “Back to the Trailer,” eager to maker her official debut in the country music scene.  Her big break finally came last year in the form of Back to the Trailer, an EP that showcased Dayna’s poignant songwriting skills and striking vocals.  Her songs resonated with fans far and wide, speaking to a universal range of emotions.  One song in particular, “She’s Me,” was a fan favorite, which brings us to Dayna’s new music video for the track.

In the music video for “She’s Me,” Dayna gives us insight into what her journey has been like so far.  We see her hanging out in her bedroom, writing songs and consulting her calendar.  We can tell that she is ready for something new, something different.  As we hear lines like “She’s gonna get lost if she stays here” and “She takes the road less traveled / Even if she comes unraveled and it’s an uphill battle,” it is clear that Dayna is excited to take a chance and chase her dreams.  Does she make it happen?  You can find out below.

Telling us more about “She’s Me,” Dayna shares,

“I grew up in a small town and relate to the people who are thankful for their experiences being in a small community so far but also want to see what else this big world has to offer them.  ‘She’s Me’ is about keeping your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds while you’re going after your dream…whatever that may be.”    

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