BOWIE rebels against societal pressures in “Milk Me”


Indie pop artist BOWIE has released “Milk Me” off her debut EP, The Upside Down. Put out under her own label, My Oh My Records, the EP is the first of a two part concept album; the second half, The Right Way Up, is due to be released in May 2023.

“Milk Me” is a haunting track that confronts the pressures to conform to a specific ideal, a subject that is all too familiar for female artists trying to grow in the music industry. The lyrics are honest and abrasive, allowing BOWIE to release all the frustrations that led her to release music completely independently. Her hypnotic voice leads the listener through the uncomfortable truths of feeling like you’re not good enough, and the judgement that comes with it.

The sound is just as hypnotic. With a combination of pop and electronic elements, “Milk Me” builds up from a quiet scene to a full-on dance climax at the very end. It’s a battle cry that comes to a screeching halt, and BOWIE is able to express the “enough is enough” attitude through the music, as well as her words.

Check out BOWIE’s “Milk Me” below:

“Milk Me” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Keep up with BOWIE: Instagram // Facebook // TikTok


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