Ten Kills the Pack looks for meaning on “God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics”


Described as an artist who “blends fact and fiction like Dylan or Lou Reed,” Ten Kills the Pack, otherwise known as Sean Sroka, has released intricate, specific tracks that have clicked with listeners all over the world.  Touching on his fierce songwriting skills, tastemakers like Under the Radar and EARMILK have supported Sean’s music, highlighting tracks from his latest project, Thank You For Trying: ACT I.  Released in September, Thank You For Trying: ACT I features singles “Curbside Panic Attack,” “Still Up Late,” and “Theo,” which help expand the narrative of “the artist journey” that Sean tells on this two-part album.  On his latest song, “God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics,” Sean continues the story.

A little bit folk, a little bit grunge, “God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics,” blends the external with the internal.  In the verses, we hear brief, melodic observations like “Spiraling low, fragile homes, promised words” and “History learned, bridges burned, falling out of reach,” accompanied by minimal production.  When we get to the choruses, the song opens up, giving us a lively mix of guitars, tambourines, and drums.  It is here where we also hear, “Tell me what you want, tell me what you’ve got / Are you looking for love?  Are you looking for God?”  While the track seems heavy and intense, there is a hopefulness that comes through, one that we can feel the more the track progresses.  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about the single, Sean explains,

“As writers or artists, we always find the blend of the internal and external motions surrounding our lives.  This song swings towards the external while internal[ly] trying to find understanding.” 

You can listen to “God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Ten Kills the Pack: Instagram // Facebook // YouTube // Website


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