Fionn stay calm on “Waves”


It hasn’t been too long since we last heard from Vancouver pop duo Fionn.  In July, they released alt-rock single “All Good,” which was full of mellow vocals, striking melodies, and playful lyrics.  The sisters then released a music video for the track in August, in which they depict a couple of chill cheerleaders who have more important things to do besides tumbling and acting enthusiastic.  The track was a bit of a departure from their preceding single “Picnic on the Moon,” which found Alanna and Brianne returning to their singer-songwriter roots.  On new single “Waves,” they go back to this softer sound.

An acoustic-based track, “Waves” takes us to a calm, peaceful place.  Over the upbeat strums of the guitar, we hear small details of a life that is being lived, from pictures taken to places visited.  These reflections build up to the warm choruses of, “I guess I’m getting used to riding waves on winter days and staying calm / Guess I’ve changed,” Fionn knowing that time can change your outlook on life.  You can check it out below.

About the single, Brianne shares,

“I wrote ‘Waves’ at a time of my life when I had simply had enough.  I was so sick of constant lockdowns and restrictions from the pandemic, and really felt like I would never be able to reach my goals and dreams.  2020-2022 were two years of my life where I was experiencing levels of frustration, sadness, hopelessness, and fear that I had never felt before and had no idea how to deal with.  The moment that really sent me over the edge was when I had an experience that made me feel like I was also never going to be able to get my romantic life in order.  The night after, I sat down with my acoustic guitar and wrote ‘Waves’ until 5am.  Now, whenever I feel like nothing is going my way, I sing it to myself and genuinely feel better.”

You can listen to “Waves” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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