PLVTINUM escapes the chaos on “STRESS ME OUT”


The world contains a lot of moving parts.  Some of these parts are fun and easy-going, while others are chaotic and intense.  We have heard it all from alt-pop artist PLVTINUM, the “anti-popstar” who is known for hits like “STAYING UP,” “Secrets,” and latest release “DIE4MYBITCH.”  On his new single, “STRESS ME OUT,” PLVTINUM tries to reject the haters, the madness, the anxiety of life and indulge in the finer things.

A high-energy production containing an enthralling mix of pop and R&B, “STRESS ME OUT” is another classic PLVTINUM track.  He paints a club-like scene with lyrics like “You can’t even get in on the guest list, wow” and “Leave that bullshit at the door.”  PLVTINUM also injects his punk attitude through digitized vocals and voice inflections, taking down those who want to give him a hard time while he’s trying to have a good time.  You can check it out below.

Giving us more details about the single, PLVTINUM shares,

“‘STRESS ME OUT’ is an auditory expression of my experience with mania and ego.  The song is maximalist by nature, both in its production and rapidly evolving vocal delivery.”

With “STRESS ME OUT,” PLVTINUM expands the hype of his forthcoming EP, due later this year.  You can listen to the single on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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