Bring Me The Horizon takes the throne in Nashville


On September 28, 2022 world renowned band Bring Me The Horizon brought their fall tour to Municipal Auditorium in Nashville Tennessee. This 17 date tour started September 22 at Louder Than Life Festival, and wraps up in Las Vegas, Nevada at the When We Were Young Festival on October 29th. Supporting acts for this tour include SiiickbrainGrandson, and Knocked Loose. All whom which have their own unique style, that flowed together so perfectly for a unique experience that gave Nashville exactly what they were hoping for.

First up for the night was alternative/indie band Siiickbrain. This three piece band who originated in Los Angeles, California immediately won over the crowd with their unique sound and intense energy and stage presence. Vocalist, Caroline Miner Smith, wowed Nashville with her powerful voice and edgy style, and before the end of the set a mosh pit was formed. This new up and coming band spoke about how grateful they were to be on tour with Bring Me The Horizon, and how thankful they were for the fans to be there for their set. Some songs include “Overdrive,”  “Destructible,” and “Fear The Sun.”

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Grandson was the next up and the crowd immediately went wild. Vocalist, 28 year old, Jordan Benjamin, spoke to the crowd about mental health, and how proud he is of everyone for being there and taking care of themselves. This three piece band was last in Nashville, at Eastside Bowl on March 23, 2022, and talked about how much he loved Nashville.  During this set, they hyped up the crowd, and demanded that we scream so loud that “Oli and the boys can hear you.” Some songs from the setlist included “Kult,” “We Did It,” and “6:00.” Grandson closed the show with “Blood//Water” where the whole crowd screamed the lyrics at the top of their lungs while he interacted with the fans in the first row. There is no denying after this set that Oli and the boys defiantly heard the rumble of Nashville anxiously awaiting their set.

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Third of the night was Metalcore band Knocked Loose, if the crowd was not on their toes, this band was sure to do it. This Oldham, Kentucky based band has quickly made their way into thousands of fans playlists since being formed in 2013, with approximately 680,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, they are not slowing down anytime soon. Knocked Loose vocalist, Bryan Garris, came out with immediate intensity, from his deafening scream to his constant thrashing on stage, he captivated the fans and they went wild. From the first song to the last there were multiple mosh pits, and dozens of crowd surfers chanting the lyrics as they floated across the crowd. Every band member was extremely interactive with the crowd, and demanded the energy be given during the entire performance, and that it was. They performed songs both old and new, some of those included “Where light divides the holler,” “Billy no mates,” “Deadringer,” and “Counting Worms.” They concluded their set with performing “Permanent” as Garris waves and walks off stage, the rest of the band finishes the final notes.  Everyone in Municipal Auditorium was buzzing about their set, and the reality set in that Bring Me The Horizon was about to be right in front of us.

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Next up was the moment fans had been waiting for , the lighting dims, and Bring Me The Horizon is about to come on stage, but before they do we get a special message from Eve. Eve tells us “Have fun, do what you want to do, and most importantly, be who you want to be.”  After a quick system reboot, Eve then introduced the opening track of the night as she said, “Initializing, ‘Can You Feel My Heart.’” Within moment the band was on, and the screams from fans could be heard for miles. This was the first name Bring Me The Horizon has been in Nashville for the last three years, and you could surely tell music city has missed them. Formed in 2004, five piece melodic metalcore band from Sheffield, UK has sold over four million albums globally, and has had 1 billion video view on Youtube. Vocalist, Oliver (Oli) Sykes spoke numerous times to the crowd about how he wanted everyone to be who they wanted to be, stating the big goal for him and his band is to give one of the best shows the fans had seen. Performing popular songs “MANTRA,” “Happy Song,” and “Drown” gave a nostalgic vibe to the venue as everyone sang along and admired the show. But to make it even better, they provided a 3 song encore that also included the acoustic version of “Follow You.” At the end of the set, the big question Oli wanted to know was did he in fact give Nashville the best show of their lives, and by the roar of screams, the constant I love you’s, and clapping, we can happily say yes. This show left Nashville anxiously awaiting the next time we can sing along, to their happy song.

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Photos by : BrittMae

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  1. This is SO dope!!! Best pics on the tour yet! You guys need to cover more heavy shows like this! Also, gotta love a fun title! Great job!!


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