Garvie is stuck between his imagination and IRL on “Life’s Good”


Ever feel like the real world just isn’t for you? Garvie can relate. When the world shut down at the beginning of 2020, the London-based singer-songwriter turned on his console and escaped the outside. What followed was a huge learning curve, probably countless hours of hard work and frustration, but then great animated videos that highlight the groovy, tongue-in-cheek writing that he’s so good at.

With previous singles, Garvie was only in pixelated action, featured first on his hit “Bad Person.” But now, it seems like reality may be getting to him. On his newest single “Life’s Good,” Garvie takes a trip through in-real-life London and is only pixelated from the neck up. The song itself deals with the juxtaposition between knowing that life’s good, but feeling like something bad is going to happen to counteract that. The question is: did the fear make Garvie real, or is it his imagination that’s keeping him sane?

No matter the answer, it’s obvious that Garvie’s music is as much an escape for everyone else as it is for him.

Check out the music video for “Life’s Good” below:

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