The Backseat Lovers know it’s too late to “Close Your Eyes”


Photo: Travis Bailey

The Backseat Lovers have released “Close Your Eyes,” the deeply personal 2nd single from their upcoming album, Waiting to Spill. “Close Your Eyes” (preceded by “Growing/Dying”), “lets the sense of early-adulthood confusion rise and pool on the surface.” The introspective track opens with a question: “Do you want to be like your father? / The older you get, your head’s getting hotter.” The bridge nearly boils over, as Joshua Harmon’s layered lyrics echo his anxious thoughts. He sings, “(Do you wanna be) the clock, it ticks / I have to get older (like your father?) / (The older you get) when I wake up / And the dream is over (your head’s getting hotter).”

Harmon wrote “Close Your Eyes” with his songwriting partner and guitarist, Jonas Swanson, first writing separately and then together. About his collaboration with Swanson, he says:

“We were both singing about the same sort of feelings, our relationship with our parents, and our perspectives in that moment of seeing ourselves turning into adults. It was a bit of an affirmation from the universe, realizing that these two songs could be the same song. That really sparked what ended up being the entire backbone of the record, which was Jonas and my songwriting partnership and companionship.”

Waiting to Spill is out October 28th, 2022.

Keep up with The Backseat Lovers: Preorder Waiting to Spill // Instagram // Twitter // Website


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