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Credit: Kara Sheridan

Forming right before the onset of a global pandemic may not be on every band’s itinerary, but indie rock trio Goldpark made it work.  Even though they were unable to tour as much as they would have liked in their first year together, they were able to gain a steady following in their hometown of Nashville before releasing their debut EP, Goldpark One, in 2021.  The EP was a hit, gaining support from notable press, receiving coveted spots on various playlists, and earning praise from fans far and wide.  With the ability to tour again, Goldpark have hit the road hard, jumping on as many opportunities as they can to share their music and make a name for themselves.  Before the band releases their highly anticipated sophomore EP, Goldpark Two, next month, we had the chance to catch up with lead vocalist Wes Hunter and lead guitarist Andrew Smith and learn more about the project, how it compares to Golpark One, and what they will be doing on release night to celebrate.

Hey there!  Thanks so much for taking the time out to do this.  With your new single, the upcoming EP, shows and tours – how are you guys holding up?
Wes: That’s a great question.  We are more excited than ever to be in a band.  We’ve spent the past almost two years writing, playing, dreaming, thinking, etc. and I know that this will be our best era yet!

You just did a run with Stephen Day on his The Shapes I’m In tour.  It looked like a great time, what was it like to connect with fans at these shows?  Have they been into the new songs?
Wes: Stephen’s fans are AWESOME!  Incredible people that are hungry for music.  We met so many wonderful people and they embraced us in an unbelievable way.  It’s a time that we’ll treasure forever!

Your new single “Summer In My Head” came out on the 9th.  A lot of themes come to mind when I listen, such as expectations vs reality, growing up, but what does the song mean to you?
Wes: You nailed it!  “Summer In My Head” is kind of the anti coming-of-age film.  It’s breaking down the illusion that life starts and ends with the summer months.  Life happens all around us, and it’s all precious!

What came first for “Summer In My Head” – the bright piano riff we hear in the beginning, the lyrics, the chorus…?
Wes: The piano part for sure!  We worked with the incredible Jeremy Lutito on this one and he brought that into the writing session.  From there, everything fell into place.  It felt like we could do no wrong that day!

Credit: Kara Sheridan

You guys formed right before the pandemic and then released your debut EP, Goldpark One, in 2021.  What was it like to be starting out and navigating things during this unsteady time?  Do you think it helped or hindered your progression as a band?
Wes: It was strange, for sure.  We always say we were trying to create a band in a test tube.  For us, the bands that we grew up loving made their start on the road.  That’s where they grew and learned who and what they wanted to be.  It was tough to not get that opportunity for the first year, but we more than made up for it in 2021.  Honestly, I can’t say for sure if it helped or hindered us.  It’s hard to say. But I know that everything happens for a reason, and we’re happy to be doing what we’re doing right here, right now!

Also, happy birthday to Goldpark One, which just turned one a few weeks ago!  What is your favorite track from the EP? And what is your favorite track from Goldpark Two?
Andrew: Thank you!  Crazy that it’s already been a year since it came out!  “Lose My Youth” is particularly special to me.  We don’t play it much in the live set, but when we do, I’m always captivated when Wes sings it.  It started with an acoustic and melody idea I had; I sent it to Wes and he wrote the song in like a day.  We actually recorded that one ourselves with one mic I think.

Covered In Sunshine” is my favorite song on the new EP.  My favorite guitar part to play live is in the chorus of that one.  We’re all kind of cruising on that song.

I read that you had the “right songs, right producer, right spirit” for your upcoming EP.  Do you think all of these elements contributed to more of the rock sound we have heard from you so far on these new singles?
Andrew: Definitely.  We also had close to a year of playing shows under our belt.  We’ve always felt pretty clear on what Goldpark isn’t, sonically.  I think all of those elements combined helped us navigate more of what Goldpark is, which feels really exciting.  We had a word in the studio that we wanted to be our guide and standard – if a song wasn’t “charming,” then it wasn’t going on the EP!

Credit: Kara Sheridan

Your music exists in this in-between area, where it can be hopeful but also a little mysterious and contemplative.  If you had to choose, what would you say is one of the more optimistic lyrics on this new EP, and what would be one of the more serious lyrics?
Andrew: Hopeful (From “Summer In My Head”)
“It really feels so easy
I wanna be understood
If I could fly yeah I would out to your neighborhood
Come on it feels so easy
You’ve got the top rolled down
And you’re the queen of the town like that scene in the picture on a Saturday night”

More serious (From “If That’s What You Want” – unreleased, will be on the EP)
“Sort out, can we just sort out
All of the bones that I hid from you
Throw me a line down, into this compound
Fighting for freedom, table for two”

What will you guys be doing on release night for Goldpark Two?
Andrew: We actually haven’t nailed down a plan yet, but my vote would be making pizzas in someone’s backyard with wine and cocktails.

What can fans expect from you for the rest of the year?
Andrew: We’ve got shows in October and November, and maybe a few more on the way!  You can check out our website for all the latest tour dates.  We’re also going to begin writing our next project… we’re very excited about that!

Thanks again for your time.  Do you have anything else you wish to add or share?  Final shout-outs or words of wisdom?
Andrew: Be kind, and listen to Goldpark!

Credit: Kara Sheridan

Goldpark Two will be available on all streaming platforms October 21.

Keep up with Goldpark:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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