Open Arms take a leap of faith on “Other Side Of Life”


Open Arms have released the 2nd single, “Other Side Of Life,” from their upcoming EP, Colours. The band, formed in 2015, has seen various sonic and aesthetic revisions; today, the group is preparing for a new, more colorful era. Composed of front man Ben Farmer, guitarist Sam Barratt, and drummer Drew Peters, the UK band is known for their addictive, anthemic take on pop-rock. Tracks like the band’s first single, “Telescope,” originally released in 2017, and sophomore single, “Honey,” released in 2018, were quite successful, capturing the attention of BBC Radio DJs and the group’s ever-growing fan base. In 2021, they released Rushing Cars and Symphonies, which included synth-soaked songs like “Turn Me On” and “Miami.” More recently, kicking off the Colours era, the group released the explosive 1st single, “Wilderness,” followed by “Other Side Of Life.”

“Other Side Of Life” is one of Open Arms’ most ambitious songs thus far. The band explains, “From the minute we’d finished the demo we knew we’d written one of our best songs to date. (The song) plants one foot firmly in ’80s nostalgia and the other in modern alt-pop, and that is one of our favorite places to be sonically.” Like a daydream, the track fades in to a dizzying guitar riff and opens with the lyrics, “I took a leap of faith, based on a singular moment / And I lost my place right after you’d spoken.” Farmer is “addicted to a silhouette,” fantasizing about a love that is almost within reach. The song details the experience of “finding someone who makes you feel like the whole world has changed in an instant. It also deals with that helpless feeling, when you fall for someone so deeply that you’re scared to mess it up.”

Watch the video below.

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