INDIGO pays homage to Aaliyah with summer single, “Rock the Boat”


INDIGO, stage name for India Yvette Graham, has the kind of fusion R&B that will never grow old. A talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter, she has no trouble capturing both the eyes and ears of her audience and it shows with the release of her newest hit, “Rock the Boat.” Noting multiple influences such as Mary J. Blige, Prince, and Paramore, it’s easy to see how well-versed this fast-rising star is in her craft and it’s highlighted through her obvious musicality.

While the lyrical content has changed since her 2018 release “Dreams” and her 2019 single “Don’t Fall,” the smooth, captivating vocals have not left INDIGO’s repertoire at all. The music video for “Rock the Boat” pays homage to the late Aaliyah’s 2001 track with the same name, featuring synchronized dancers dressed in white, a beautiful beach setting, and even more stunning vocals.

INDIGO has said that for this track that she “wanted to capture the essence of love and put it into a different perspective.” With metaphorical lyric and word painting over Afro-Caribbean beats, smooth vocals, and expertly layered ad-libs, she more than succeeded. Though personal setbacks have delayed INDIGO’s comeback, it was more than worth the wait. With summer coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, there’s no qualms in adopting the southern hemisphere’s seasons just to keep this track on repeat.

Check out the music video for “Rock the Boat” below:

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