Amber Ryann looks inwards in newest single “Fall Apart”


LA alternative pop artist Amber Ryann explores difficult feelings in the face on uncertainty in her latest single, “Fall Apart”. The singer taps into the high energy sound of 2000’s emo and mixes it with an upbeat rhythm, creating a catchy tune that deals with deep emotions of anxiety and despair.

“Fall Apart” is energetic on the surface, with fun elements of alternative rock, pop and even bits of ska at times, but the subject matter is intense. The song takes you on a journey filled with intrusive thoughts while going through hard times. The contrast creates an almost hectic atmosphere that represents these feelings perfectly and makes the song relatable. Ryann’s fast singing adds to the sense of urgency in the track, racing through until we get confronted with a series of voice messages at the very end. “Fall Apart” makes you listen and stops you in your tracks, connecting with the listener in its simplicity.

Ryann’s “Fall Apart” is an opportunity for the artist to deal with those moments in life when everything seems to be, well, falling apart. “I’ve learned more than ever it’s easy to function and thrive in moments of greatness but the ultimate test is what you make out your circumstances even when life seems to crumble around you”.

Check out Amber Ryann’s newest single below:

“Fall Apart” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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