The Freaks Come Out For Rob Zombie


Metal icon and horror aficionado Rob Zombie brought his “Freaks on Parade” tour to Tampa this past week, along with Powerman 5000, Static X, and Mudvayne.

There is one thing that always rings true of metal events and that is that metal fans share this wonderful connection that is unseen but felt when a metalhead finds another metalhead. Mudvayne’s Chad Gray said it best when he told the crowd that they are more than fans, they are family.

Due to travel delays, I had to miss Powerman 5000, but was on time for Static X. The presence of singer and founder Wayne Static is still present due to singer Xer0’s mask and hair looking very similar to the original. It is thought that Dope frontman Edsel Dope is the face behind Xer0, but the band will neither confirm or deny. Whoever is behind the mask, the band puts on a powerful performance.

Mudvayne has not been around for a while. Those of us that remember the 90s, may remember those videos, full of anger and makeup. The band took a break starting in 2010, but have come back with a vengeance this year. Their music is complex and technical, but also strong and emotional. The look reflects that.

What can be said about Rob Zombie that hasn’t already been said? The man knows how to perform. Between the visuals on the stage, full of classic horror movie clips, guitarist John 5, who is a walking work of art, and bassist Piggy D, the entire show is just stimulation overload. Zombie comes emerges from atop a tall scaffolding to the crowd roaring before breaking into the opening song “The Triumph of King Freak”. Every song has its special visual, with a giant vampire coming out for “Meet the Creeper”. And he gives a peek at his newest movie “The Munsters” before ending the night with “Dragula”. If you have never seen John 5 perform, you are missing out. Besides being a visual feast, he is a genius guitarist. Bassist Piggy D is non-stop energy.

The Freaks on Parade Tour will be rolling through the US the rest of August.

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