Weekly Roundup: July 4


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to. This week’s selections combine introspection with cutting wit and catchy tunes.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Searching For a Reason” – Dax
Dax’s latest single is perfectly encapsulated by the music video that accompanies it, which features the artist literally falling down the rabbit hole and winding up in Wonderland. With lyrics about disillusionment and trying to break away from shallow pursuits, “Searching For a Reason” isn’t fit for a casual listen. “Truth gets you killed, love gets you hurt, being real gets you hated so tell me what it’s worth.” When you put on this song, prepare to be reflective.


2. “Bite My Tongue” – Chaz Kiss
Chaz Kiss turns heads from the dissonant beginning of her new single, “Bite My Tongue” and keeps them entranced throughout the rest. With mood and tempo changes abound, it’s easy to picture this as a track that could’ve worked well on Fiona Apple’s Tidal, but it also has its own unique energy. We’re excited to see what this artist does next.


3.  “HeLL.A.” – WYATT
It’s not hard to read between the lines of WYATT’s latest single, “HeLL.A.” From the get-go the artist has the subtlety of the jackhammer, proclaiming, “I’ve got a secret I wanna tell you / I hate most people that I know / Not cause they’re stupid, not cause they’re selfish / Because their lives are all for show” Geez, tell us how you really feel. The L.A. diss track has certainly been done before, but this has to be one of the catchiest takes we’ve heard.


4. “Sinking in the Water” – Panic is Perfect
Panic is Perfect is the latest project from Mike Hoffman, a producer and multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco. The band’s new EP, Becoming Yourself, is chock-full of influences, from 60’s pop, to afro-beat, to dance rock. The single “Sinking in the Water” perfectly illustrates that range while also bringing to mind bands such as Death Cab for Cutie (who Panic is Perfect have, in fact, opened for).


5. “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” – Kate Bush
The remaining episodes of Season 4 of Stranger Things were released on July 1st… need I say more?


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. Dax – “Searching For a Reason”
2. Bazzi – “Miss America”
3. Sun’s Sons – “Clean Slate”
4. Nykki – “Right Place Wrong Guy”
5. Chaz Kiss – “Bite My Tongue”
6. Tim Baker – “Some Day”
7. Drug Seeker – “pTsD :)”
8. Proyecto Mercurio – “MGCQ”
9. Claire Rosinkranz – “i’m too pretty for this”
10. WYATT – “HeLL.A.”
11. Gryffin ft. MØ – “Reckless”
12. YUNGBLUD – “Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today”
13. Bow Anderson– “Selfish”
14. Catie Turner – “Step Mom”
15. Panic is Perfect– “Sinking in the Water”
16. Charlie Puth ft. BTS and Jung Kook – “Left and Right”
17. Lauv – “Kids Are Born Stars”
18. Tate McRae – “don’t come back”
19. AUDG – “World’s End”
20. Kate Bush – “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”
21. Joji – “Glimpse of Us”

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