Orville Peck brings the Bronco tour to Chicago


Fans at the historic Riviera Theatre in Chicago were taken back to the golden age of country this past Wednesday night, as Orville Peck and opening band The Nude Party made their show a glorious start to Pride Month.

The Nude Party from North Carolina took fans to the 1960s with their brand of clanging frat rock, opening with tracks “Feels Alright,” “Cure Is You,” and “What’s The Deal?” The sextet is comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Patton Magee, vocalist/lead guitarist Shaun Couture, organist/pianist Don Merrill, bassist Alec Castillo, percussionist Austin Brose, and drummer Connor Mikita. Their set was short with seven songs, but the band played each with an insane amount of energy. They closed out their set with tracks “Astral Man” and “Chevrolet Van” from their 2018 self-titled album, as well as “Lonely Heather” from their most recent album Midnight Manor, and finally “Life’s A Joke” from their first EP Hot Tub.

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Country star and gay icon Orville Peck donned the stage in a matching powder-blue suit and his trademark mask with long-flowing fringe. His identity is tightly under wraps as fans only catch a glimpse of his ice-blue eyes – a look fans nod to with their own homemade fringed masks.

Touring in support of his newest album Bronco, Peck’s 19-song set began with new tracks “Daytona Sand,” “The Curse of the Blackened Eye,” “Lafayette,” and “C’mon Baby, Cry” before following with “Turn to Hate” and “Winds Change” from his 2019 debut album Pony.

Backed by long-time friends Bria Salmena and Duncan Hay Jennings on guitar, Kyle Connolly on bass, and Kris Bowering on drums, Peck’s voice swooned throughout his mix of ballads and rock-inspired tracks, all with his self-described “glorious sadness” and deeply personal lyrics.

The show continued with hits “Drive Me, Crazy” and “No Glory in The West” from his Show Pony EP, before following with five tracks from Bronco: “Trample Out the Days,” “Outta Time,” “Any Turn,” “All I Can Say,” and “Hexie Mountains.”

Throughout his set, Peck spotlighted individual fans by giving out roses to those who passionately sung lyrics, those having the time of their life, and those just genuinely happy to be there. Many roses were given out during “Legends Never Die,” “Kalahari Down,” and “Dead of Night” before performing “Bronco.” Peck and his band closed out the show with his country cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and his 2019 hit “Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call).”

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Photos by Ann Storlie (@ast_lie) and Website

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