Nora Van Elken takes us on a trip to outer space with “Satellites”


For producer and DJ Nora Van Elken, creating exciting dance music was just a hobby until she found that it also served as a way to make everlasting connections with others.  Knowing what she was capable of with her lush soundscapes and compelling lyrics, Nora began cranking out unforgettable tracks that could be the highlight of any major festival, starting with her debut release of “All I Need” in 2017.  Ever since, she has positioned herself as a sought-out collaborator, having crafted remixes for artists like Jason Derulo and Charlie Puth, and has also found herself at home on platforms like Apple Music, Sirius XM, and Spotify.  Creating a spectacular new jam for the summer, Nora gives us her latest, “Satellites.”

A dazzling electro-pop anthem, “Satellites” takes listeners on a trip to faraway galaxies.  Featuring catchy piano riffs and a persistent dancefloor-ready beat, the track captures that desire for something more, something out of this world.  The soft pop vocals that come through expand on this feeling, telling us, “The thought of you, I just can’t let it go” and “High above, we can pretend we’re satellites.”  You can check it out below.

About the track, Nora shared,

“It’s always a challenge to stay focused in the studio.  When the ‘Satellites’ vocal came in, I was about to leave, but as soon as I played the demo, I knew it was a big track.  I got to work and had a version of it within three hours.  After that, it took only a few days of fine-tuning and it was done.  I’m really excited to hear what fans have to say about it.”

You can listen to “Satellites” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Nora Van Elken:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // YouTube


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